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Before Ordering All Shoppers Must Become An Angel To A Local Business

Main Treats Splits All Profits With Local Businesses - Search Businesses Here

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Find Kaftans, Kimonos, Oblongs, Pareos, Ponchos, Ruanas, Sarongs, Scarves, Skinny Scarves, Touches, Tunics, Wraps And Other Shapes & Cover Ups From NYC Designer Elizabeth Gillett


Taste Testing (Chocolates Will Be First) & Nutritional Foods Coming Later In 2018, After We Get Going And Make Enough Money To Afford An Office With Tile Floors And Metal Shelves To Appease The Local Health Departments.

New Age Foods

Organic & natural new age food options are taking the share away from older established traditional brands.

In mid 2018, Main Treats will investigate & promote these organic & natural options to further educate consumers.

Combining consumer education and taste testing will let customers find the best products.

Tastings will use samplers embedding & local hosts to challenge the handful of brands controlling food distribution.

Upcoming Products

Bath Bombs, Candles, Chocolates, Frames, Free Trade Items, Nutritious Foods, Drinks & Snacks, Printed Napkins, Purses, Puzzles & More Coming To Businesses With Main Treats Pop Ups.

Taste Testings & Food Sales Coming Mid 2018 To Our Locations

Community Multi Level Marketing

When an embedded item sells well to other consumers, rebates occur for the consumers who placed it.

Rebates from embedding helps to drive existing customers to talk up products to their friends, neighbors and family.

The increased interaction of locals & tourists at the local events we organize also encourages communication about locally placed products.